Wilcox, Saskatchewan, Canada

Wilcox is situated midway between Moose Jaw and Weyburn on the Soo Line and Highway 39. It is approximately 42 km south on Highway 6 and 8 km west of the city of Regina.

Lots for Sale in Wilcox, Contact - Tammy Ritchie, Village Administrator 306-732-0011

email villagewilcox@sasktel.net

fax 306-732-9002, 33 Main Street

Headlines From Wilcox:

Jun-06-2013   Nuisance Grounds Time Changes
Jun-06-2013   RM of Bratt's Lake No. 129 - 100th Anniversary
May-29-2013   Summer Student position
May-29-2013   Blues forward Schwartz to coach at charity game
Jul-30-2012    Father Athol Murray Inducted into the SK Hockey Hall of Fam
Jun-07-2012   Latest Wilcox Student/Athlete Achievements
Jun-05-2012   Vigneron '06 Needs His Space
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